Happy 2nd birthday Stodge-Blog

Typing the Shoal Hill report sat at the in-laws in North Wales made me think that it must be close to 2 years since I started this Blog. Looking back, it started with a report of my first cyclo-cross race on 12th October, but my 3rd posting was done from here after a mad training session in a blizzard on 29th October, 2008. I've also just noticed that this posting is the 251st, so another milestone.

Stodge-Blog has grown from a few visitors a week 2 years ago, to now well over 50 unique visitors per day, rising to well over 100 around big events. So, a big thank you to all my readers, as lots of visits makes it easier for me to obtain the sponsorship that helps with the costs of competition.

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  1. Tell me Stodge (as someone who has read all 251 postings!) what is significant about a 251st anniversary?!

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