Poland Cup 2017 – MTBO World Masters Series

Thursday night saw the normal frantic packing and wondering if I’ve remembered everything – one day I’ll do a check list – although to be honest I’ve never forgotten anything to date….

Friday morning found me in Stanstead Airport queuing through security with mostly hens and stags on their way to a European weekend of pre-nuptial debauchery. The outfits at 7.30 in the morning brought amusement to the process with the prize for ‘what can I get away with through security’ going to the chap in the gimp suit, complete with ‘un-done’ mask with second place going to the lad in the GB lycra triathlon suit. Come on girls a custom pink t-shirt and I am going on a  hen do sash or a pair of fairy wings  is just not good enough any more!

I am flying to Wroclaw and then driving down to Polanica-Zdroj for 2 days of intense competition – a sprint, middle, long and even a party, returning on Sunday night to the UK!

There are quite a few Brits going out – looking forward to a great weekend!



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