Map Boards

Map Boards and map holders for Mountain Bike Orienteering ( MTBO ), Trailquest, Polaris and Adventure Racing or just general usage.
In no particular order. Home made ones at the bottom.

Map Board Price ? Piccy Link and notes


£££-££££ Orifix Website new mapboard, very good design, the one I use.


 ££-££££   Autopilot websiteRocky Boy – entry level board
Pilot one – no tools fixing
no UK stockist – order here or
currently popluar boards for use on other mapboard mounts!


 ££-££££   Nordenmark websiteCurrent UK stockistClassic, light and exteme models


 ££   Budget Polish made board available in the UK


 £   Polaris websiteBasic non rotating mapclip
 ARN  £££    Available from Compass Point


 £££   Australian board
Windchill Website
 ££££    Miry websiteCurrent UKstockistDifferent sizes and styles of board available
Available in 31.8mm and 25.4mm bar diameter
 MapDec  ££    Hands Free map reading for cyclists. 

Budget Map board

 Home Made Boards      
 Dirt Divas  £   New Zealand design – easyish to make
PDF here

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