Athlete blogs

Not just MTBO, various sites I keep an eye on

Emily Benham, The UKs best Female MTBO Athlete.Website :
Michaela Gigon, Multiple World Champion from Austria who is also a great ambassador for the sportWebsite :
Andreas Rief, Austrian MTBO teamWebsite :
Kevin Haselsberger, Austrian who was Junior World Champion in 2009Website:
Campbell Walsh, British Olymic Slalom Canoe Medlalist who also dables in a bit of MTBOWebsite:
 Australian Flag - Australia shaped flag Australian MTBO team Blog
   Mattieu Bathelemy – French MTBO Rider
  Tobias Breitschaedel – Austrian Team rider
   Simon Webb, Ultra runner, Orienteer and mountain biker
   Linus Mood, Swedish MTBO Team




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