National Inter Clubs Final – Compass Sport Cup

I had thought of missing this as there was a Dark and White Mountain Bike event on up North but thought I’d better represent the club, even if it just meant taking points off of other clubs.
After a fairly tough weekend and early part of the week training I had a couple of rest days on Thurs and Fri, but went out on the mountain bike on Saturday and zoomed round Follow the Dog. A planned houseful did’nt materialise as our friends who were coming up from Cambridge came down with D&V. The upshot of this is I probably didn’t drink as much as I would have done. After a head to head race at Chris and Karens Wedding O, I had an idea I was fairly running fit, but I suprised myself and a few others by storming round 10km in 67.18 today. I had a few controls on the heels of Nick Barrable and realised then that I was going OK and made very few mistakes but my legs towards the end got very very tired. I have to decide now whether to carry on M35 shorts or step up to the long course next year !

The course was very fast and furious but lots of room for error in the low visability holly woods and gorse thickets strewn over the area. Holly had a great time with the other Chasers ‘children’, although some of them are now in there first year of Uni, waving her chasers top as one by one we all came in. I hope Tom Roach is OK he had a very bloody head as he came in. Lots of photos available here…