Sunshine and wildlife

With legs still very tired from last Sundays efforts at the Compass Sport cup I have had an easy week. Work has been tough with a huge presentation on Wed, then working till 3am upgrading 60 odd workstations. Thursday nights club run from the Garsides house had a great social feel to it, with Ray getting the Spam award for running the wrong course last weekend.
The weather today was amazing, bright sunshine, with only a little of the promised wind. I decided to just go out and enjoy riding round the Chase on my roadbike as I am out on the mountain bike with Alan tomorrow.
Within 15 mins id seen 5 deer, a fox and countless squirrels. The fox ran straight out in front of the bike near Chase Road Corner, probably the closest I’ve been to one. The views into the valleys were great with the Autumn leaves and bright blue skies above. Views out towards The Peaks and The Wrekin also spectacular, with no haze at all.

I stopped for lunch at Birches Valley Cafe, which is now very good, and then bimbled home, legs still struggling on the hills. Cath was back so we grabbed the camera and headed out into the conservation area where Chasers are holding the British Orienteering Champs in 2010 to get some publicity shots.

Having designed the logo I have got to put together a basic flier in the next month so it was fortunate to get some good weather.

I didn’t get dropped !

Came home well chuffed tonight. I have been going out on and off with a group of riders starting at the Mammoth shop in Milford for a couple of years. In the past, especially earlier this year I have been well an truly spat out of the back of the group to find my way home on my own many times.
The route leaves Milford, weaves its way out through Stafford out on the Wolverhampton Rd, under the M6 then into the lanes behind Penkridge. It then returns to Penkridge before heading again south through the lanes, crossing the A5 down to Coven. It then crosses the A449 , the A5 again and returns to Brocton via more lanes near Shoal Hill, with the speed really cranking up from the Potal Pool roundabout.

Today – a first, I got to Brocton Cross Roads in the lead of the chasing pack, about 1 min down. At one point two chaps who were drafting me overtook, and wow what a difference when I sat in behind them, I had a rest for about 1 min then went out in front again and kicked for home, a great feeling, particularly with a race in my legs from yesterday.