I didn’t get dropped !

Came home well chuffed tonight. I have been going out on and off with a group of riders starting at the Mammoth shop in Milford for a couple of years. In the past, especially earlier this year I have been well an truly spat out of the back of the group to find my way home on my own many times.
The route leaves Milford, weaves its way out through Stafford out on the Wolverhampton Rd, under the M6 then into the lanes behind Penkridge. It then returns to Penkridge before heading again south through the lanes, crossing the A5 down to Coven. It then crosses the A449 , the A5 again and returns to Brocton via more lanes near Shoal Hill, with the speed really cranking up from the Potal Pool roundabout.

Today – a first, I got to Brocton Cross Roads in the lead of the chasing pack, about 1 min down. At one point two chaps who were drafting me overtook, and wow what a difference when I sat in behind them, I had a rest for about 1 min then went out in front again and kicked for home, a great feeling, particularly with a race in my legs from yesterday.

First Cyclo Cross Race

The Lichfield Leg of The Midlands Cyclo League was too good to miss for my first Cyclo Cross race. Ada has reccomended these as good winter training and I can see why.
With fantastic weather, temperature in the mid 20s, Holly and I arrived in time to help on the Vets race so Neil could ride. Calling out race numbers for 45 mins and entertaining Holls was fun, then it was my turn. I recognised a few people in Stafford Tri tops and said hello but mainly it was very fit looking types on very swish cyclo cross bikes. The start was a bit fast and furious but we then all settled down. I was lapping on average at about 5 mins, with Holly egging me on at the finish line each time. I got lapped twice by the leaders but as Holly rang the last lap bell I was pulling up through the field. I thouroghly enjoyed my first cross outing, but the bike obviously slowed me down. However I was really suprised how poor the bike handling skills of many of the other riders were, so big advantage there. Can’t make the next one as am running CSC for Chasers but I will try and get to as many as possible this winter.29th out of 47, 2 laps down.