Chase Trails on the BBC on Saturday night!

As you will know the Chase Trails Cycle Project on Cannock Chase is through to the final of the National Lottery Award in the best sports project category. Voting has now closed and the winners will be announced live on Saturday night. Although they have no great expectation of winning the overall title, the project video will be shown and I hope to at least get a glimpse of the Chase Trails team as they sit and sip champagne.

Well done Chase Trails



UK Mountain Bike Orienteering in November and December.

After a long break through the summer months the MTBO season in the UK finishes with a flurry of events.

Firstly there is a MTBO on Tankersley, used earlier this year for the British foot orienteering relay championships, this Saturday, organised by World Masters Bronze medallist Killian Lomas. On Sunday nearby there is the second round of the ever popular Dark and white winter series of 3 hour score events.

Two weeks later sees a drive north to the wild forests of Gisburn for what promises to be a fantastic couple of hours of technical and hilly riding, organised by Alan Hartley and Pendle Forest Orienteers.

That evening the physical gives way to the social and clerical and the BMBO AGM.

Various score events all over the country carry us through November into December when there is a MTBO in Hurn forest down south and the famous Military Challenge between Xmas and New Year this time returning to its roots around Aldershot and Long Valley.

Full details of all events coming up are here

Watch out for another MBO score event which will be confirmed later this week on New Years Eve morning on Cannock Chase !





Treatment !

My back is slowly on the mend. As I have throughout the last 20 years when I have an injury that won’t settle, I have been heading south to Somerset to see my old Physio Ivor Field.

I first saw Ivor when I was 16 or 17. He used to fix my ankles the last time I was really fit when I seemed to twist them every weekend orienteering so I could race X-Country the following Saturday. Mad times but I did eventually rehab them.

Ivor’s skill is getting to the cause of problems, not just treating the symptoms.

Apparently I have two injuries going on at the moment. My lower back has been giving me grief for a while and it seems the jump off the wall and subsequent racing just finished it off. The main underlying issue seems to be a pubic ligament strain, which I think Ive probably had for a year, that coupled with some poor core stability.

So I’ve been down to Taunton twice in the last two weeks. Ivor uses a range of treatments from chiropractic to electro, laser to acupuncture, depending on what’s needed and has also given me lots of exercises to be getting on with. His exercise diagrams are elegantly simple, drawn with a posh ink pen.

Things are improving and today I will get back on the Turbo for 20 mins of leg spinning but I think it will be a long road back to a full training and racing schedule.

Not going to France :-(

I should have been posting about a road trip to Colmar, for the French Championships this weekend but the state of my back has unfortunately meant although my car went I stayed at home. A small family ride last weekend put my back out again but this time so badly I couldn’t even drive home. Ive had a couple of treatments so far and things are much better but I think I will be off the bike, particularly the MTB for some time, certainly missing the rest of the domestic season at Tankersley and Gisburn.

I am now concentrating on getting better and any riding will be on the turbo trainer for at least the next month or so….


We seem to have mice in our garage, I don’t think this one is going back on a bike 🙁

MSC Ceramic Bottom Bracket

The Bow went through so many bottom brackets in the two years I had it, I lost count. Shimano ones seemed to last about 3 months in the winter. Eventually I tried the Gusset one with needle rollers that seized in Russia (it was completely worn out though)

After considering all the expensive options Cycle Shack offered a deal on an MSC Ceramic bottom bracket so I agreed to have one to test out. RRP is about £80 which is very good for a Ceramic and it weighs only 87 gms. I am hoping the lack of metal bearings and the higher quality will enable this one to last a bit longer when it goes into the Kinesis XC Pro 3 build.

for more info go or contact Cycle Shack.

Out with the old and in with the – Kinesis Maxlight Pro 3

The Corratec Bow and the Giant have been replaced!

Essentially I was not riding the Giant at all as I loved the Bow too much. In the end I have been wrecking the Bow and not keeping it as a race bike as originally intended. So I now have a Kinesis Maxlight Pro 3 frame from Cycle Shack ( Thanks to them both for the support) and the intention is to get a second frame next month to build up as an identical training / hack bike (only blue).

I will choose the best bits from both the old bikes to build up the new race bike but have a few new shiny bits too and plan some more in the spring, but more about that in a later post….

SOLD – Corratec Bow World Cup Frame 2010


My 44cm medium race frame is for sale. Lots of scratches and scuffs in the normal places but no dents.
Comes with headset, seat clamp and seat post and two spare mech hangers. 

Offers !

The Corratec Super Bow is an amazing ride, point and squirt with a very stiff rear triangle. Id love another but they have stopped making the 26inch version so grab a piece of history !