Mudguards and an unscheduled rest day!

I missed a couple of training rides this week and had to cut one short. Monday night’s Mammoth road ride was going well when I managed to break the battery mounting bracket with my knee. I couldn’t face the dark lanes with just a small flashy light so went home via the middle of Stafford under street lights. It would have been safer in the lanes, 4 times I got cut up on that little stretch by inconsiderate drivers.

I decided it was about time to get some mudguards onto the road bike. I got some on Tuesday and decided on Wednesday evening to get them on before I went out. 2 hours later with an electric drill and pliers brought to bear they finally succumbed to my frustrations, hence no ride that evening as I didn’t fancy going out at 9pm with an early start the next morning.

Thursday night was spent at Alan’s new house in Shap, and as normal the two of us ended up having more beer than was strictly necessary. However out we went on Friday morning for a 2 hour ride through the mist and drizzle and worked it off. The mountains were very eerie and the roads quite scary at 70kph on some of the descents, I could hardly see anything through my specs.

After my Saturday morning spin session I spent an hour making sure my mountain bike was still working after last weeks X-race. Two new sets of brake pads and copious amounts of lube later it is now ready for Sundays Dark and White Trailquest… will follow tomorrow!

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