Purple Harry Polishing & Headset rescue

With temperatures back in sensible-land and my bike in pieces, I decided to have a go with the Purple Harry polish today before putting it all back together. After a little T-Cut on some scuff marks I gave the frame a good dose of polish, before leaving it to dry. I then used the bizarre two-fingered fleece glove provided to bring on the shine. Result! It is also meant to give the frame some protection and should be easier to clean next time. 

So on to assembly time. I got the bottom bracket back in OK, but my headset was in a bit of a state. However, after soaking the races in petrol for a while and careful reassembly with some nice new grease it should last the season, definitely not indexed steering anymore! 

I’ve decided to lose a few hundred grams with a few components from the XCRacer Shop. XCRacer is the place, other than the British Cycling website, to find out about Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing in the UK. It now has a shop specializing in light weight components and bling for racing wannabes. I’ve gone for a light weight scandium handlebar and some brake rotors. Ill give them a review in a few weeks once they have been on the bike for a bit, but at first glance they seem very good value for money.

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