Injury update

Well, I’ve been using the lumbar traction stretch thingy for a couple of weeks now. I saw an immediate improvement in the sciatic pain I was getting, especially first thing in the morning. The problem is remembering not to do anything daft which sets me back. For example, on Wednesday I had a full-on day at work, zooming around to various meetings all over Manchester with a laptop bag. In hindsight, I ended up walking too far and should have got some taxi’s but that’s just not how I am used to operating 🙁

I have been to the GP and lined up an orthopedic referral ready for if the lumbar traction does not work and I need some form of intervention. Apparently, the waiting list for an initial consultation isnt too bad and as ‘Ive already got an MRI, and if they decide an injection might sort it, it could happen reasonably quickly. Hopefully, I will get the green light from the physio today to get back on the turbo trainer now to keep the weight from piling on and the cabin fever at bay…..

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