Rome City Race 2013

Originally I wasn’t planning on joining Cath and her cohort of WCH juniors on the trip to Rome as it was looking tight for a project in work, #buildsydneylive, and not conducive to a bad back. (You have to have a medical certificate to compete in Italy)
In the end I got a late flight to spectate at the races and see a little of Rome.
Day 1 was held in a city park, full of Roman families enjoying the autumn bank holiday sunshine. Bikes, kids, segway’s, people everywhere. The event was a series of mass starts, the juniors and oldies going off in the late afternoon, middlies at dusk and the Elites in the dark for head to head night orienteering with some butterfly loops to split up the packs.
Everyone came back buzzing having had a great time.

Day 2 was in a more forested park which apparently was very challenging but I spent the day reliving some Architectural History and Junior school classics lessons pootling around Rome’s ancient Architecture “Caecilius est in forum” I’ve always wanted to see the Pantheon and it lived up to expectations with the sun casting its light through the oculus.

Day 3 was the signature event, urban orienteering through the streets of ancient Rome, the start and finishes overlooking the colloseum.
I managed to get hold of a map for a walk with my camera, did a few of the route choice legs and took lots of photos. Again everyone came back with a buzz of excitement. I certainly watched a few big names confused and befuddled trying to work out their way down off a hill top garden surrounded on all sides by huge walls.
Replacing the Venice street race this year Rome had a lot to live up to but judging but the comments at the finish the organisers managed it.
Results available at


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