Slow, Explosives !!!

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend being pampered at Loch Lomond Golf Club (very exclusive) at the Wedding of two friends, Simon and Steph. I took in the opportunity to get some road riding in on the hills surrounding this most gorgeous location.
After a pootle along the shore line under the flanks on Ben Lomond (where Cath was walking with another friend, Mark) with Holly on her Isla Bike I had a good ride round to the golf club following the rolling roads surrounding the lake shores. I had a few issues getting though the tight security at the club. The main gate seemed to know I was coming in on a bike but I got stopped close to the club house with a shout of ‘do you know you are on private property !’. Im sure they don’t have too many people arriving by bike, its mainly Jags BMWs and Mercedes they are used too. I think one chap was about to offer to valet park my bike once i’d convinced them I was staying for the weekend !
I had two other fantastic rides that weekend. On Saturday before the service Mark H and myself braved the security again and left the club heading over the mountains to the Clyde, intending to do a circular route of a couple of hours. The roads were quiet and the views spectacular as we climbed. Descending into Garelochhead at high speed the first surprise of the day was to see a soldier sprint out in front of us, rifle in hand with another covering him from the bushes at the side of the road. Perhaps they need to brush up on their observation skills !
Proceeding up the next valley past all the submarine bases and interesting looking mounds behind high razor wire topped fences we were both stopped in our tracks laughing. A traingular warning sign on the side of the road read
Slow, Explosives – not sure if they meant the mushroom cloud variety.
The climb back over to Loch Lomond was very steep, with Mark off and pushing due to only having a double chainring and me spinning on the muddy surface. The roll back down the valley to the golf club was beautiful, with no hint that so close by was the touristy southern Loch shore.
Sunday brought another ride, after a few shots off the driving range, this time on my own to meet the family near to Glasgow on our return trip home, again more great scenery and big hills, and a great way to drive away the previous evenings excess’s.
A fantastic weekend of great food, fine wine and hard riding.

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