Mirrors, Sweat and No Gears

My first spinning class….
A lack of a working rear light (I think the wet got into it on Wed), and no dry bib-tights forced me to try a spinning class at Stafford’s new leisure centre instead of my normal Mammoth road ride. On Sunday night with my parents on duty to look after Holly  I got dragged to Cath’s Pilates class and whilst there I picked up a timetable for spinning. With the onset of grim weather and dark nights now Winter is upon us I have thought for a while an indoor session would be a pleasant change.
Other than sweating all over the floor it was very good. Apparently the session (run by Graham) is much more ‘dancie’ than others, but the arm waving and lunges didn’t worry me and in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it. HR monitor showed I could have worked harder and now I know what to expect Ill be able to keep up a little more momentum between efforts. I will definitely try and exchange one of my road rides this winter for a spinning class from now on, or perhaps add a session if I have time………

Mark Stodgell

Stafford Leisure Centre

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  1. Spinning classes are great once you get into them and get the HR up, you’ll really notice the benefit once you come out the other side of winter training (and I found when injured it meant I maintained good fitness that transferred to running).

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