More Snow and a visit to the World Cup Races

The day started with a much more successful ride up over the same col as Wednesday, still lots of snow around but amazing views and sunshine. I returned via the Moel Authur pass (granny ring and out of the saddle most of the way) and then ended up being a bit late back as I got stuck behind a huge herd of misbehaving cows which were being driven up the road to Cilcain. Lots of poo all over the road means the bike will have a good clean tomorrow.
After lunch Holly and I drove to the Velodrome in Manchester for the UCI World Cup. (Cath and her parents followed later) Its the first time ive been and I was amazed to see quite how steep the banked section was. We had a great time watching the keirin, the sprints, points and scratch races, and Holly got to see a podium ceremony with Vicky Penddleton on gold. There was also a demo of the new British Cycling endorsed WattBike. I had a go and it is very very good, and a bargain at £1650. I was quite pleased with my 1107 Watts max power output, but I’m a little short of Chris Hoys 2200 Watts, mind you bet I could beat him at an MTBO 😉

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