Commitment or Madness

Wednesday night and we are over at Caths Parents in Mold as it is half term week and the comute to work from here is about the same as from home. After a rest day yesterday I thought it important not to wimp out of training tonight just because it was a bit cold and wet.
I put Holly to bed and then went out planning to stay on the main roads andĀ intending to do the climb to the pass that goes over to Ruthin next to Moel Famau. It was very cold – 3 degrees and raining and very dark. I was OK going up, keeping warm but was having second thoughts when it started snowing. I was near the top so carried on, crested the col and looked down over theĀ Ruthin lights shining out below through the driving snow. It looked quite enchanting. Turning for home I then realised that the reason it wasn’t too bad coming up was because the wind was behind me all the way.
I ended up with the brakes on pedaling down hill trying to keep warm and not being able to see much at all in the driving snow and rain, particularly when oncoming drivers do not dip their lights. Grrrrrrrrrr……..
I got back and undressed straight into the washing machine, poured water out of my Gortex winter boots and dived straight in the shower to warm up.

why why why did I not bring my Turbo Trainer with me !!!!!!!

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